Friday, April 1, 2011

My New Business

My talented sister designed my logo! I absolutely love it... it was better than I envisioned! Thanks seester!

I started selling canvases to go to Africa and love it so much... here is a few of my canvases! message me if you would like to buy one! Prices are at the bottom of the page! Enjoy!

Sizes and Prices:

11x14- $25.00
8x24- $30.00
12x16- $35.00
22x28- $50.00

Add bling to your canvas for an additional $5.00!


  1. Hey! I found your blog about a month or so ago but just officially became a follower:) Love the idea of selling these to go to Africa--I've always wanted to do volunteer work there, such a good idea-they're really cute!

  2. Hey Adriana.... thanks so much for following me! Hope you get something out of it-- take care!

  3. You're welcome. From reading your 100 things about you we seem to have a lot in common-looking forward to reading:)