Monday, April 18, 2011

100 Things: Part Seven

61. My First 5K

I recently ran my first 5K. It was the David Milson Legacy Run. I hate running but I did it for the man who touched so many lives through his love for people and the Lord. I may try to actually train for and attempt to do well in one! We'll see.... PS: I love how joyful and happy Jennifer and I look in this picture. That's because we had only been running about 30 seconds! haha
62. Headbands

These have become a fun new accessory that I enjoy wearing. They bring a little funk to my style... I am beginning to make and collect them for all different outfits!
63. Sponsoring a Child

I sponsor a precious little boy from Lesotho, Africa. His name is Nkuyane and he has captured my heart. If you feel the Lord leading you to sponsor a precious child who has next to nothing please go visit World Vision and lend your support! It is completely worth it!
63. Channing Tatum

There are no words to describe this beauty... but I'll try. He is gorgeous.
64. Dancing

I love dancing. It started out getting pumped up for basketball, then it was the activity in college and now I dance around the classroom with 1st graders to get our wiggles out. Dancing is so fun for me and I get excited when I know I will be at a wedding or event where it is encouraged!
65. Chocolate and Birthdays

Ok so I love birthday and chocolate and this one is kinda random just because I saw this amazing cake and had to add it! This eleven year old was in heaven when she saw this I am sure!
66. Texts

Getting texts that are encouraging are always fun to receive... especially if its from someone special!!
67. Movie Dates with YOURSELF

A new thing I have realized I enjoy is going to the movies by myself! If you don't have a date-- take yourself out on one. No one will talk to you in the middle of the flick, try to hold your hand if you don't want them to or steal your snack. It truly is beneficial! haha
68. Swedish Fish

Mmmmm.... so good and 0 grams of fat! Yummy!
69. Colorful Sharpies

The bright colors just make me want to draw or design something!
70. Sunglasses

I kinda hit that on accessories but I love sunglasses. The bigger the better. My favorite pair were given to me from a grandma. So they were literally old people sunglasses that I thought were just so chic!

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