Friday, March 25, 2011

100 Things: Part Five

41. Lipstick

Lipstick brings out your lips (duh) and there are just so many fun colors! I just love it with a little gloss on top, blot and you're good to go!
42. Pine Cove

Pine Cove is a christian camp located in East Texas. I worked out there for three years and it changed my life. I had the opportunity to pour into kiddos and families (I worked at a Family Camp) by having devos with them, worshipping with them, playing games with them and just living out Jesus to them by service. It was an amazing experience and it shaped me into the woman I am today!
43. Costa Rica

I had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica the summer after my junior year in college with Pine Cove. We went there to teach the Tican people how to share Jesus and put on camps. Afterwards, we met with the other Costa Rican team to debrief at an undisclosed location. When we got there THIS was where we were at... Los Lagos Resort at the base of an active volcano. Coolest.thing.ever.
44. Scentsy

I received my zebra scentsy warmer last year on my birthday! I have used it everyday since then! When you have 7 year olds coming in from PE and outside throughout the day you need a booster so scentsy helps my room smell good--even when my kiddos DON'T!
45. Snow Cones

Nothing says summer like a snow cone. The best snow cones I ever had were Bahama Bucks snow cones. I worked at this "gourmet shaved ice and smoothie shop" my sophomore year of college. I was not a fan of the job but the snow cones were bangin'! My favorites were Bahama Mama (add ice cream to the bottom) Strawberry Daiquiri snow cone or a Kahlua and Cream snow cone. Yummy!
46. Smiling

I love smiling.... smiling's my favorite!!
47. Lotion

Lotion.... not only does it make you smell good but it makes you silky smooth as well!

48. Toms

Toms shoes are amazing. they are comfortable, cute and when you buy a pair they send another pair to a child impoverished in a third world country! It is just such a great cause and so close to my heart!

49. Hobby Lobby

Crafts make me happy. So where is the BEST place to get all the things you need for crafts? Well Hobby Lobby of course... plus they are closed on Sundays which isn't always convenient but shows there are still businesses that show that the Lord said to rest on the Sabbath so they won't make anyone work on those days!
50. Reality TV

The Hills, The Bachelor, The City, Laguna Beach.... I love these shows. I think it is because I get to live vicariously through them. yes they aren't always the best role models but I am obsessed!

Monday, March 21, 2011

100 Things: Part Four

31. Men who play the Guitar and Sing

There is nothing more attractive to me than a man that plays the guitar and sings. Unless you add that he is hopelessly in love with our Savior and sings to Him... then the attractiveness intensifies! And then if he plays and sings to me-- well... then I'm done! haha
32. Target

Where's the one place I can spend all my money and hours upon hours at a time?? You guessed it-- Target is amazing!
33. Junie B. Jones

This is going to show my teacher side but I love Junie B. Jones books. We read them every day in my class and the kids love them. It teaches them life lessons and is hilariously written! She is definitely one of my faves!
34. Driving with the Windows Down

Nothing says Springtime is here like driving with your windows down, sun roof open and the radio blasting! It is so relaxing to me.
35. Football

I love football. The season, the weather, the excitement! It is definitely one of my favorite sports and I desire to be the ultimate "football mom" when I grow up.... big picture pin, cowbell and all!

36. Crowns

Every girl has the dream of being a princess so in my class I am one. When I am wearing this it means I cannot be disturbed because I am either working with a student or testing someone! The kiddos know that if the crown is on... Ms. Daniell is not available! haha
37. Fro Yo

Purpleberri is amazing. I love going to get fro yo-- plus all the fro yo is fat free!! I usually get Cake Batter or Cheesecake (or they got a new one called Hawaiian Delight that tastes like Smarties) and top it off with strawberries and kiwi!! It is banging--and now there is one right in walking distance of my apt. Dangerous--that is very dangerous!! :)

38. Tattoo

I got a tattoo this year. I had wanted it since I was a freshman in college and I finally decided that I was in the right place of life to get it. Beloved was chosen for many different reasons.... first of all Beloved is my favorite name for the Lord. Second I got it placed on my wrist because that was where the nails when through when Jesus gave up His life as the ultimate sacrifice for all of my junk so that I could live in glory with Him for eternity! There are many other reasons too but those were two of the main reasons!
39. Robin Eggs

Easter candy is yummy... but Whopper Robin Eggs are the best! I have to buy a bag every Easter season when they come out!
40. Cherry Vanilla Sprite with Extra Vanilla

Sonic is known for their drink possibilities. I made this one up my Junior year of high school and have been a loyal follower ever since!! Plus in Midlo, teachers get a Route 44 for 99 cents so why not enjoy it?? YUMM!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 Things: Part Three

21. Snow

Snow. Snoow. Snooow. Snooooow. Just like the wonderful words of Bing Crosby. I love snow. This year we have had a lot more snow (5 missed days of school worth)...and even though I got tired of being stuck inside.... it was still pretty!
22. Love

Some may call me a dreamer... but I'd like to refer to myself as a hopeless romantic. I know the Lord continues to orchestrate my life and that includes the man that will captivate my heart here in my temporary home! I can't wait until he comes--but until then--I will just have to put my trust in the Lord and the hope of that day!
23. Basketball

My life in high school was basketball. Thats who I was, what I was known for and what made me "ME" in high school. #15 was a number that became a nickname for me and helped shape and identify my athleticism. I also enjoy watching the Mavs. And I enjoy when the Mavs BEAT the dumb Spurs!
24. Pedicures

Guilty pleasures. Everyone has one-- this is one of mine! I haven't had one in awhile but when I do get one... ahhh life is good!
25. Flowers

Flowers make a room brighter. I feel so special when I get flowers. I don't care if they are from a student or from a boy (ok so that one is a little better) I just light up when I receive them.
26. Rain

Rain is so relaxing. I love how its dark outside when it rains. All I want to do is cuddle up in bed and listen to the rain and sleep on rainy days! Its the best.
27. Cheesecake

You want to make me happy? Then make me cheesecake. Or buy me cheesecake. Or give me a gift card to go to get cheesecake. Point is.... Cheesecake is amazing. It makes me happy and I could eat it everyday.
28. Christmas

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!! The music, the atmosphere, the lights, the treats... and of course the Savior who came and was born to save us from our sins and allow us to live for eternity with Him in heaven! I.LOVE.CHRISTMAS!
29. Quoting Movies/Guess that Star

I love quoting movies. My sisters and my good friends will give a quote from a movie and say "guess what movie that's off of?" I have a gift. The gift is that I can see someone in a movie/TV Show and remember what they've been in before that. It will actually ruin what I am watching until I figure it out. It's weird I know-- It's just how I am programmed!
30. Laughing

I think that laughing is one of my favorite things. I love the way it makes you feel and the joy it brings to your heart. But for me.... I love MAKING people laugh even more!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

100 Things: Part Two

11. Weddings

Weddings are so fun. They allow you to dress up and celebrate the love of two people. This summer I will be in my seventh wedding! Thats right--I have been in six already. I was in three last summer alone... two were in the same weekend! haha I am hard core... I know this! I often get asked "have you ever seen the movie '27 Dresses'?" Yes I have... no it isn't about me! haha
12. Journaling

My secret thoughts. My utmost desires. My sincerest prayers. They are embedded in the pages of my many journals. I have a shelf full of used up journals. It is awesome to go back and read what I used to be worried about, what I was going through and how the Lord answered my pleas! It encourages me to push forward and reassures me of the growth in Him!
13. Reading

This was not always the case. I had never been a big reader until reading Redeeming Love, which I have read like 7 times! Then, after I graduated I subbed for a semester and I found myself with a lot of extra time--so I turned to reading! Since then I have been obsessed... I just wish I had more time to truly enjoy it like I would like to!
14. Bling Bling

Bling makes me smile! I wear it on my jewelry, toe nails and anywhere else I can get it! It just makes me happier!
15. Zebra

Walk into my classroom and this one becomes very evident! The cool thing is because I have so much zebra stuff, now I get zebra things as gifts all the time!! So fun!
16. Leading Worship

Early I mentioned loving to sing. However, to take that even deeper, I love leading worship! I can be at church, at a conference or church camp. It doesn't matter what my surroundings are. All that matters is what I am doing-- which is guiding people to the foot of our Beloved's throne! It is just a sweet opportunity to be used as a tool to lead people into the Lord's presence!!
17. Face Masks

If you know me then you know about face masks. I am addicted to them! It just feels so nice and its just a guilt little pleasure of mine! If you ever want to do one let me know... that is if I haven't made you do one with me already!! ha
18. Dental Health

Brushing my teeth isn't just a good habit. It is kinda an obsession. I am constantly afraid that my breath stinks and so I brush my teeth often. I also really really REALLY like Listerine. Not the new non-alcoholic kind... bring on the burn baby!
19. Gum

There is a little thing called having an oral fixation and I have it. When I was younger I sucked my thumb for a long time. Now that void is met by gum chewing. I go through about three packs a week people. If you remember up on 18 I also freak out that my breath smells bad so that is a huge part. But its more than that--for instance, I can't work out without gum in my mouth, and when I don't have it I feel weird or lost. Oh and fruity or cinnamon gum is not for me... I am purely a Wintergreen or Mint gal!
20. Pictures

I always have my camera and I love taking pictures. I have about three or four scrapbooks. I just think it captures your memories a little better and they are fun to look back on and remember what was going on!