Monday, May 9, 2011

100 Things: Part Ten

91. A Gift From the Heart

This is probably my favorite gift EVER to date. I have a student in my classroom who goes to my church. His dad has made two trips to Africa the last few months working with unreached people groups and has talked to me about my trip a few times! My little boy brought in this sculpture for Teacher Appreciation Week. It is a wooden sculpture of a teacher and students. I began to cry when I received this and my kiddos looked at me as if I was crazy! However-- this is the most special thing I have ever gotten!
92. The Daniells and Springers

I love these guys and girl like they are my own flesh and blood! These are my brothers and sisters! Such a great relationship all of us have!
93. Dress Up Days

Who doesn't like dressing up silly?
94. Floppy Hats

I just wish I had more places to wear these fun things!

95. Chick Flicks

If it grabs my heart, makes me cry or puts me into a depression about being single and wanting to find MY prince charming.... I've probably seen it and love it!
96. Kolaches

Breakfast is my favorite meal! You can have that food all times of the day! One of my fave breakfast foods are kolaches! There is a place out in West, Texas (by Waco) that has a Czech Kolache Shop. Everytime we go down to Waco or past West, we have to stop and get some goodies!
97. Uniball Pens

These make your writing look nice and neat!
98. Flip Flops

I love flip flops... you get to show off cute painted toes and it means summer is here!

99. Super Stay 24 Color Lipstick

Ok so I know this is a ridiculous picture but I wanted to draw attention to my lips! This new Maybelline lipstick is called Super Stay 24 Color. I put this lipstick on at 6 am and it is still on and bright! I am a skeptic on most things but I am sold on this product!
100. The End

Being done having to think of my favorite things!! This is Stephanie signing off-- over and out!

Monday, May 2, 2011

100 Things: Part Nine

81. Glee MUSIC

I don't like everything the show says or stands for-- but I love their singing and music!
82. Teacher Work Days

Teacher work days-- because I can work in my room and get stuff done (or not like-- like THIS is what I am doing in my inservice day right now)!

83. Gift Cards

Its basically like free money to use on whatever you want-- sooo fun!
84. Crosses

Crosses are everywhere in my house. They are not only art but a beautiful reminder or why I live set apart everyday!
85. Ace of Cakes

This is a hilarious show and they make some awesome stuff!
86. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Ohh shoot dang-- that is good!
87. Hand Santizer

I work with nasty nose pickers all day-- what do you expect?
88. Extreme Weather

I have always been so interested with weather-- especially tornadoes. After the tragic events with the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, it has shown me through the pics my friends that live there have put up, just how powerful these things are!
89. Justin Bieber

Yes...I understand I am 25, but I hang out with 6 and 7 year olds all day PLUS I think he is just so precious and I really like his voice... so back off! haha
90. Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is perfect in the winter!