Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thinking Happy Thursday Thoughts

- Handwritten Letters
-Christmas lights at night
-When you glance over at someone and he is already looking at you!
-Waking up and remembering your dream...
-...being able to go back to sleep and continue your dream!
-Texts to hear that someone is thinking of you.
-When someone plays with your hair!!
-When a person's laugh is funnier than their joke.
- The way it sounds when someone special says your name.
-When someone remembers something you have said.
-The look on the groom's face when he sees the bride for the first time.
-Making eye contact with a person who knows exactly what you're thinking without saying a word.
-Being able to fall asleep right away.
-Going to bed knowing you can sleep as long as you want.
-When he smiles at you.
-Words of affirmation that remind you how precious you are to the Lord and His will!

Happy Thursday! :)

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