Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My God is doing some crazy amazing things in my life. He is stretching me in ways that I could not ever imagine. He is humbling me daily--and to be honest--sometimes it really hurts. He is preparing my heart for the one He is sending to captivate it. He is beckoning me to the cross daily and I am hard core sprinting to get there. He is stirring up exciting things in my life that I didn't even know existed....and I love it.

Yesterday when I got home from school the Lord was knocking at my door (my heart's of course). I mean I have been meeting with Him everyday but it wasn't the same as it had been in the summer. I haven't had unlimited amounts of uninterrupted time. I haven't been completely focused. So yesterday was a pleasant surprise. I love writing poetry/songs. It's just something I have always done I may not be good at it but it is an outlet just the same. However, because of my crazy life I haven't written in awhile. I have blogged and I journal daily but sitting to listen and ponder and write hasn't been apart of my life for a while. And so yesterday I felt the Lord whispering to the deepest crevices of my heart... "pray. think. write." My future--especially my future spouse-- has been on my heart lately. Maybe it is because my little sister just got married or maybe it is because the Lord is shaping me for that time of my life. I don't know. All I know is I listened and thought and wrote--and this is what I came up with.

"From Now Until Forever"

Morning and night I think of you,
yearning for my heart to be wooed.
I often wonder where you are,
how could my soul travel so far?

I'm ridiculed for all my waiting,
in a world that sees nothing worth saving.
But you, Beloved, deserve so much more,
even though we've never met before.

I pray today will be the day God brings you to me,
if not then, my love, you should know
that I'll wait patiently.
I know you're the man I've been praying for,
My darling I am wholly yours.

From now until the end of times,
there is no man that is better.
It's only you. Beginning now.
And going on forever.

You're hidden from me at this moment in time,
as I continue this mountain I climb.
So I'll give my heart to the God above,
who showers me with agape love.

My vision of you is so surreal.
How could I be so blessed?
But my Daddy has started a stirring down
deep inside my chest.
It's you I wait for whole, complete,
white, untouched and pure.
I won't give up or give myself away,
on that please rest assure.

I pray this will be the day that God will bring
my wonderful husband to me.
If not, don't fret, my God is good,
and I'll wait faithfully.
Because I know that you're the man
that I've been praying for,
My darling, I love you, with this you know
that I am wholly yours.

Just think how many amazing things we miss out on when we don't stop to listen, think and pray. He desires to reveal so much to us. What have you missed out on?

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  1. This just made me cry, but so do 98% of your posts. If I didn't have Shawn, I honestly don't think that I could have the beautiful faith in patience that you have in our Father. Your heart and your faith is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life. And you wonder why I look up to you so?