Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

I saw this written on someone else's blog about their top ten songs that changed their life and I thought...what if I went beyond songs? What if I wrote about my top ten guilty pleasures?? Don't judge me! :) So here we go...

Law and Order: SVU-- Ok I know that this is the hardest Law and Order to watch but I am obsessed with it. My mom hates it but it is so addicting.

Orbit Gum-- I suffer from Halitophobia. This is when a person believes that they have bad breath, even if they aren't told they do. I swear, this is a legit thing! ha I will buy a 3 pack of Orbit Gum every week and go through the entire thing in seven days! Better safe than sorry!!

Tanning-- I have heard, read about and seen programs on the effects of tanning. I understand it but I think this is like my number one guilty pleasure. It is so relaxing and I just love being tan. In the summer lounging around outside, reading a book/listening to my ipod, and soaking up the sun is just sooo relaxing!!

Face Masks-- I got on this my sophomore or junior year of high school and have been doing it ever since. Face masks are so great for your skin and fun to do with the friends! I cannot count how many people over the years I have met that have never done a face mask until I introduced it to them! There are so many different kinds that have different purposes and they are a great investment! The results you receive will not disappoint you!

Pedicures-- The first pedicure I got was the day after my last basketball game my senior year of high school. That was a mistake. Ever since then I have been obsessed with this guilty litlte pleasure. Massage chair... check. Warm jacuzzi water soaking my feet... check. Massages for my calves and feet with a scrub... check. Somebody else scraping all of the nastiness off the bottom of my feet to make them silky smooth and pretty... check. A steady, practiced hand painting my toes pretty and coating them with a topper that will ensure they don't chip a day later... check. I mean this thing has the whole package. My next thing is simply be satisfied with the regular pedicures and not feel pressured into getting the "DELUX PEDICURES" every time I go there!!

Accessories--I love jewlery...especially earrings!! And rings. And necklaces. Ok, and purses. Whatever's even better is if you can find all of your favorite things in one place. I have recently come to love a little place called Charming Charlies. It is a huge store with every type of accessorie that you could imagine. Here's what makes it 100% better--the entire store is color coated. So instead of saying I need some purple accessories I guess I better search this entire store, you can just walk in and go straight to the purple section!! It is like heaven for a slightly OCD person like myself. I can say that I have never been to Sam Moon...I know right.. so I guess that is my next thing on my to-do list!!

Scrapbooking--I know it sounds kind of old ladyish but I love it! All of your memories right there, bound forever. It is wonderful.

Working Out--I never thought this would be on my likes list. Yeah sometimes it sucks, but I can already see such great results and it pushes me to do better. So far I am down 18 pounds... lets see how much more this can help me!

The Hills-- Ok so I know the girls talk and act in ways I would never imagine. I know that they have more money and can play in ways that would take me years to get to that point. I know that it is staged and fake... but thats why its a guilty pleasure. I like it! haha

Journaling-- This is such an amazing oppotunity for me to express my feelings and get out everything in my head. I also will write poetry (haven't really told anyone that before) in my journals. The best thing about journals is that you can go back years later and see everything you wrote down. It shows you how stupid you were back then and the growth you have made!

These are my guilty little pleasures... what are yours??

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