Friday, September 9, 2011

The FAITH of a Child

Anyone who knows me well, knows that this school year has been quite different than the others. I leave daily with a pounding headache. I yearn to love, impact, mold and care for my precious babies.... but it is hard. This is the toughest group I have ever had. I KNOW that I will grow to love them as my own. I KNOW that it will become easier as they become more comfortable and mature. I KNOW that once they get my schedule down and I begin to realize their learning styles that we will mesh better. But now? No bueno amigos. I want to cry often. And that is when I don't want to scream. It isn't all of them... and the ones it is, it's not even really their fault. They were taught these traits and habits. And now it is my job to break the habits and begin the reconstructing process.

I was talking to one of my best friends last weekend about my class and I was disheartened. She said, "I knew things weren't going as normal by your facebook status." I don't want to be a negative person or a Debbie Downer. I pray daily that the Lord lets me love them hard and like Him. That He allows me to see them through His eyes and forgive them like He forgave and forgives still. THEN... I got this. A precious blonde haired, blue-eyed angel in my class brought me this card. It had cut out hearts all over it and it had a poem that was called, "Why God Made Teachers". He then told me that he had been praying he would get me as a teacher, loved me sooo much and thought I was the best teacher he had ever, ever had (I know he has only had one other teacher in his life but it was still sweet words).

These words brought tears to my eyes. These words reminded me what my purpose on earth and as a teacher was. To be a friend and love someone who may not receive it anywhere else. To help them understand creation and live in a way that would radiate Christ in every conversation and action. To pour into their lives, show them right and wrong and help them grow in stature and wisdom with God and man. And lastly, to show them how to make a difference in the world by first hand showing them how I can make a difference. To encourage. To serve. To love.

Thank you LORD for your grace and mercy and showing me that even when life is tough.... a) YOU never leave my side and b) You use others... even six year olds.... to bring me back to where I need to be. Which is at your feet daily and humbly!

Why God Made Teachers
By Kevin William Huff

When God created teachers,
He gave us special friends
To help us understand His world
And truly comprehend
The beauty and the wonder
Of everything we see,
And become a better person
With each discovery.

When God created teachers,
He gave us special guides
To show us ways in which to grow
So we can all decide
How to live and how to do
What's right instead of wrong,
To lead us so that we can lead
And learn how to be strong.

Why God created teachers,
In His wisdom and His grace,
Was to help us learn to make our world
A better, wiser place.

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  1. I love you and your heart SO much. I so love the fact that Christ called you to be a teacher because it is EXACTLY where you belong. I know, that at times, your heart aches and your head pounds, but I know without a doubt, that this is exactly where you're supposed to be. You're such an inspiration to a teacher in the making like me. I pray that one day, I'm able to be a teacher like YOU.