Monday, March 21, 2011

100 Things: Part Four

31. Men who play the Guitar and Sing

There is nothing more attractive to me than a man that plays the guitar and sings. Unless you add that he is hopelessly in love with our Savior and sings to Him... then the attractiveness intensifies! And then if he plays and sings to me-- well... then I'm done! haha
32. Target

Where's the one place I can spend all my money and hours upon hours at a time?? You guessed it-- Target is amazing!
33. Junie B. Jones

This is going to show my teacher side but I love Junie B. Jones books. We read them every day in my class and the kids love them. It teaches them life lessons and is hilariously written! She is definitely one of my faves!
34. Driving with the Windows Down

Nothing says Springtime is here like driving with your windows down, sun roof open and the radio blasting! It is so relaxing to me.
35. Football

I love football. The season, the weather, the excitement! It is definitely one of my favorite sports and I desire to be the ultimate "football mom" when I grow up.... big picture pin, cowbell and all!

36. Crowns

Every girl has the dream of being a princess so in my class I am one. When I am wearing this it means I cannot be disturbed because I am either working with a student or testing someone! The kiddos know that if the crown is on... Ms. Daniell is not available! haha
37. Fro Yo

Purpleberri is amazing. I love going to get fro yo-- plus all the fro yo is fat free!! I usually get Cake Batter or Cheesecake (or they got a new one called Hawaiian Delight that tastes like Smarties) and top it off with strawberries and kiwi!! It is banging--and now there is one right in walking distance of my apt. Dangerous--that is very dangerous!! :)

38. Tattoo

I got a tattoo this year. I had wanted it since I was a freshman in college and I finally decided that I was in the right place of life to get it. Beloved was chosen for many different reasons.... first of all Beloved is my favorite name for the Lord. Second I got it placed on my wrist because that was where the nails when through when Jesus gave up His life as the ultimate sacrifice for all of my junk so that I could live in glory with Him for eternity! There are many other reasons too but those were two of the main reasons!
39. Robin Eggs

Easter candy is yummy... but Whopper Robin Eggs are the best! I have to buy a bag every Easter season when they come out!
40. Cherry Vanilla Sprite with Extra Vanilla

Sonic is known for their drink possibilities. I made this one up my Junior year of high school and have been a loyal follower ever since!! Plus in Midlo, teachers get a Route 44 for 99 cents so why not enjoy it?? YUMM!!

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