Saturday, November 13, 2010


I see you. Standing there. You are so confident... sure. It isn't cocky. It isn't annoying. It's attractive. It draws me in. I want to know more. I yearn to be around you. You seem to feel the same way--but sometimes you don't.

Do you? Do you desire to know me? Have I caught YOUR eye? Does your heart flutter when I walk in the room? Do you hope that I come and talk to you? When I smile--does it melt your heart? When our eyes meet--do you get nervous? Am I like all the other girls in your life or do you think of me a bit more? When a text is received do you get a little more excited when you see it's from me? Do you wonder if I would accept or reject you? When you see me worship the Lord does it captivate your heart?? Do you pray about me? Pray for me? And anticipate a time that maybe we will be able to pray together? Does your self-doubt and fear make you think I am too good and would never give you a chance?

because that's how I feel....

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