Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My African Baby

I have recently had a aching in my heart for Africa. Not just the continent of Africa-- but the people there. This beautiful child above is Nkunyane. He lives is Lesotho, Africa with his mom and sister. He is living in a community that is severely affected by the AIDS/HIV crisis. He is not able to go to school at this time because home life is so difficult.

There was something about this baby that stood out to me. Maybe it is because he is the age of my babies at school. Maybe it was the hurt and sadness in his eyes. Whatever it was I could not get past him and I had to do something.

But what can I do? I live in Texas... thousands of miles away. I live in a nice apartment, drive a good car and have good clothes. That was it. I have more than enough--if not too much stuff. So I could give. I could budget my life. I could opt to stay at home and eat once in a while instead of going out. I could rent a movie from Red-Box for a dollar instead of going to the movies and spending nine. I could take the "luxuries" of my life and down size so that a precious boy in Africa can have clothes and food and water. No that doesn't make me great or kind or humble or respectable.... it makes me a Christian. We are called clothe the naked, feed to hungry and give water to the thirsty. So use me for your Kingdom Lord... and perhaps this child will learn about you on along the way. Oh how sweet it would be it get to heaven one day and see sweet Nkunyane... how sweet it would be indeed!!

Want to know how you can sponsor a child of your own through World Vision?? Check out their site... It will bless you for sure!!


  1. Hey friend! Just checking out your blog and wanted you to know I think you are pretty amazing and God is doing a wonderful work in you! If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask!
    On His anvil,

  2. I love this Stephanie! This is so amazing and inspiring. Funning thing, my devotional today was about being a helping hand, delving into Proverbs 31:10-20, so it is funny that I read that this morning, and then I see this in your blog. Good job!! You are such a wonderful role model for all those kiddos you teach.
    Your faith in God is proven when
    You serve as one who cares;
    Faith finds a way to love and help-
    Puts action to your prayers. -Hess

    Love you!!! We need to get together soon, maybe come to church with us sometime :)

  3. You inspire me so much! Your love for our Father is incredible and the actions you take because of that are so encouraging! I love you, sweet friend and I am SO blessed by you.