Monday, September 20, 2010

Send Me

My heart. How it is longing for you. How I am drawn to you. I think of you often and when I do my heart skips a beat! My aspiration for you is not for pleasure. It is not for reasons that will make me famous or good. I yearn to serve. To be humbled and vulnerable. It terrifies me--and yet-- I have never felt more invigorated!

No I am not talking about a guy... I am speaking of Africa. I have poured out my heart once before on this subject but it is still in me-- running through my veins. It is in the pictures of beautiful children who are smiling for no reason but because they are alive. It is in the hundreds of thousands of hugs that are not given but desired. It is in the simplicity of a shoulder to cry on or to just be held because being close to someone is a foreign feeling. The Lord is burning this into my heart... a little Africa shaped space that can only be filled with loving like Jesus and doing His kingdom work.

Oh my God, your people need you. They yearn for your love. They are searching for your grace and peace. They have to be told about your goodness and mercy. And I am being called to do it. Beckoned is a better word. I hear the small whispers--I am shown the avenues of getting there-- I am seeing the Neon signs flashing "This Way! This Way! This Way!" I want to be obedient. Show me how. Help my disbelief! Here I am Beloved-- SEND ME!!!

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