Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thought Provoking Thursday

So a week ago I posted a picture of two beautiful children from Africa. I loved the picture and it has recently had a very special place in my heart. I believe that the Lord is calling me to Africa to do some Kingdom work for Him. However, I don't believe He is just saying someday or one day but I feel like He is calling me to Africa in the Summer of 2011. One year from now I feel like I will have been in Africa serving the Lord!

Is this crazy? Am I hearing right? I mean Africa? Why Africa? Why am I so completely certain this is where I am being called? Why do I have this overwhelming urge to simply book a flight now and get there? I feel that I have gotten so in sync with the Lord and His desires that I can comprehend and understand His will for my life that much clearer and easier. I mean there is a chance I am misreading the signals I feel like I am getting--but I am so in love with my Beloved at this moment in my life that I believe He is calling me to this exact continent!

So what happens now? According to Buckner... I wait. They have not even posted their trips for next summer yet. This caused me to question, "Am I jumping ahead of the game? Is this where I am suppose to be? Lord am I hearing you correctly?" And I hear a small whisper in the still of my confusion...."be patient." But Lord--I have to start planning. Raising money. What if I can't afford it? How will I know if this is you're will for my life? Again... "be patient." If I am called to go then the Lord will open the doors. If I heard wrong then the Lord will close these doors and reveal something else for me.

My God is good. My God is big. My God is borderless. He can't be constrained and He can't be kicked out. MY GOD IS THE CREATOR OF THIS UNIVERSE!! So what am I going to do... I will attempt, with everything in me, to do as my Savior has commanded me to do and simply... "be patient."

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  1. this is so awesome!
    i'm really excited for you. Africa is my home away from home. I definitely think God meant to make me African :)
    He will definitely provide for whatever He calls you to do. He doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. I'll be praying for you during this exciting time!! For sure let me know if you need any fundraising ideas or help! :)