Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Life As I Know It

So, I finally caved and got one of these things. I absolutely love reading about the things my friends are going through and I thought, "why not share my life?" Is it the most exciting? No. Will people want to follow me to see what's going on? I hope so.

So what do I write about? This is my first post and it needs to be important. It needs to grab the audience. It needs to be fun. Interesting. Enjoyable. Well after I thought about what everyone ELSE would want to see... I thought I would start off with the changes that have occured in MY life the past year/year and a half. Where I was just months ago to what place I have come to. So here is my top list of things that I have experienced in the past 16 months.

1. I moved away from all my friends, the town I had spent the past 4 years in and (cue dramatic piano) dun dun dunnnnn... back home! I know I always said I wouldn't move back to Midlothian--and then I ate my words!

2. I began student teaching. It was more educational than the past four years of college but so great. I learned so much by being thrown into the mix rather than reading a book about what to do.

3. I graduated college!! All the trials, struggles and perseverance paid off and I have a 8''x11'' piece of paper that confirms that.

4. I became a certified teacher and landed a job as a third grade teacher... that soon changed to a first grade teacher.

5. I began working with the youth at FBC Midlothian. I have gotten the chance to pour into a group of high school girls lives and have become a leader in the worship team.

6. My sister got engaged! Her fiance' is an amazing man and she will be Mrs. Heather Carpenter on August 28, 2010!

7. My sister Lauren and I have the chance to go to Hawaii!! I will be sponsoring the Senior Trip to Lanai, Hawaii for 10 days in June. I know... I know... but its the least I could do for the children!

8. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing group of Godly women to share life with. I meet with six great girls every Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. that pray, encourage and pour into my life!

9. Two of my close friends became enagaged and got/will get married! Lacey met Scott and married him in December and Mallory and her long time best friend, Brandon, FINALLY realized what they were missing and fell in love. They will be getting married in June!

10. I have fallen head over heels and unconditionally in love with my Beloved! He has been the only consistent thing in my life and has captivated my heart these past few months. I am so excited to see what is going to happen and where He is going to lead me in the future!

Thanks for reading and following me! I look forward to sharing more of my life with yall!

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